PartneR with us to reach NYC

World Missions is taking place right here in Brooklyn.  Reaching one family in NYC has the potential to reach another nation...
Impact one family, impact the world.

Diversity and Density = OPPORTUNITY

Brooklyn has 35 neighborhoods with a population over 2.6 million.  That means there are 36,732 people living in one square mile.  Over 75% of Brooklyn residents were born outside of New York.  Every culture, language and nation can be found here.  This is one of the many reasons Brooklyn is such a beautiful city.   With 2.1 million people under 18 makes Brooklyn a lively city as well.

Our mission at Calvary Life is to engage our communities in humble service – establishing home fellowships one neighborhood at a time.  Would you prayerfully consider partnering with Calvary Life?  The honest truth is that we do not have the resources we need and open doors to share the Gospel and teach the Word are being left with no one to walk through them.


Take the leap of Faith and contact us....


The 2019 Global Cities Index ranked New York City as the world’s #1 global city. With 21st century technology and perhaps the most diverse immigrant population in the world, Metro New York provides the ultimate gateway to the ends of the earth. If the more than four million individuals from unreached people groups in Metro New York were counted as their own city, it would be the second largest city in the U.S., larger than Los Angeles. According to our Global Gates Unreached People Group Matrix, one-third of the top 100 unreached people group communities in North America most in need of missionaries are in Metro New York.