Dear Prospective Supporter,

Thank you for supporting the NEXT GENERATION of Pastors and Leaders.   You are no longer just watching God raise up the next generation but you made it possible.  We ask that you familiarize yourself with CBI and the students you will be personally supporting.

The students that you are supporting here at Calvary Life have already made an impact in our Neighborhood Church Family.   Your support tells them that we appreciate their servanthood and that we will continue to support them and empower them in this next season.  You will get to see and hear about how they grow in their gifts and calling as servants of the Gospel.

Yes, it is hard to see them go for the next 10 months, but there will not be a greater return on your investments than to invest in the Kingdom of God and His servants.

Below is a link to GIVE and SUPPORT.  All funds will go to cover all and any CBI expenses the student may accrue. Count them as Missionaries.  The students weeks are jam packed with both classroom and practical experiences.  They will serve in the local community and churches, growing and exploring new Gifts along the way.  Be sure to add a note to your donation; either "CBI" or the students name.

For His Glory,
Pastor Richie Cancel
Dear Prospective Student,

We are thankful you are considering Calvary Bible Institute (CBI). It is our desire to help equip believers for the work of the ministry. The Lord Jesus gathered his twelve disciples and for over three years poured His life into them. The disciples spent valuable time at the feet of Jesus learning the things of God and upon hearing the Word of God they were given the opportunity to go out and minister as they had seen Him do. Students at Calvary Bible Institute are given the opportunity to listen, study and apply the Word of God to their lives.

If you sense a calling on your life for ministry or if you desire to learn how to follow and serve the Lord, I encourage you to apply.

Please complete the entire application. The pastoral reference form should be returned to you signed and sealed in an envelope, which you will mail with your application packet.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have any questions you can email or call us here at CBI.

In His Mighty Service,
Pastor Jerel Hagerman, President

Zoe Cancel 

Get to know me.

- Zoe helped launch Calvary Life a new church plant in Brooklyn.  She among many ways served by leading worship every Sunday for the first 1 1/2 years of CL and for many of its LIFE Groups.  She continues be a valuable servant on the worship team and in all things Calvary.  She will be sorely missed....
-  It is evident that she is called by God to make a difference in this generation
- Fun facts: Zoe has many lost skills like sewing, baking, and enjoys writing, photograph and even started a business "Cup of Milk Bakery" (See her amazing creations - Link)
- Zoe is also an amazing sister to 4 siblings.
Introduction to CBI and her packed days...

With a busy schedule it is important to take time to listen to God...

Thank YOU for your prayers and donations...This wouldn't have been possible without you....
We get to hear about "servanthood" and "practical ministry" and the joys of cleaning toilets...
During Christmas CBI students went on a missions trip to MEXICO.  "It was way to short..."  Hear about Zoe's missions experience. 
Zoe shares how much of an impact Calvary Life has had in preparing her for this season at CBI.
A Prayer for Zoe....
How can you pray for Zoe?  Listen to her prayer requests....